The 21st Century Woman

The Corporate Woman @ Home.Mom is a book for the 21st century woman who is in pursuant of some guidance to help her make some of the very important decisions regarding her life.

The 21st century has afforded women enormous opportunities and resources that were not always available but now is for the modern woman.

Women have so many roles and responsibilities. These roles have been eccentrically defined to help mold and encourage every women to be inspired to be all that she can be while maintaining her identity, personal desires, and goals.

The intent of this book is to empower women with current and impactful information concerning career choices, health, child-rearing, self-esteem, men & women relationships, and much, much, more.

Life management and goal setting synchronized to help catapult her into her future with symmetry and harmony.

Every woman want to have a successful life that has a whimsical effect, “Why not you?"

The Corporate Woman @ Home.Mom

In Ursula Tara Davis new book, she describes the 21st Century woman as being at a pivotal place in her life with so many opportunities, committments, and choices to be considered.

She offers clear, concise, practical advice to help address those needs and bring clarity of understanding to some of the most complicated issues that most women face.

Her book will uplift your spirit, encourage your heart, and move you to action.

The peace will soon follow.......

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